Her letter

Dear human,


You have the drift to hoot when you should talk, to run when you should walk, but most, galling to be so selfish that even you become beside the point for you. I met you almost sixteen years ago, you were much more alive and I used to think that you feel and that I`m too small for you, but you`re such a twister, my darling, and I was such a fool to let you twist me, but don`t worry, honey, now I really know you. You really like playing, that`s all about; you mess things up and I, foolish heart, fall deeper and deeper day by day for you and that`s kind of a free fall. You, yes you, taught me that life`s about me and, sincerely, at that time, this really sounded like a universal truth, but you`re a liar. Oh, I almost forgot to let fall your favourite game, what a coincidence, soul football. And now, after telling you all those things, I`m sorry to inform you, but I`ve taken one irrevocable decision: we, I mean you and you, should break up, and believe me, darling, this is just a safeguard for my heart, not to become a tic-tac-toc field for you. And in what concerns dogs, those `oh, never let those horrifies human killers touch you`, I take the risk to tell you that `killer`, as they are at least, they never lie, they like bones football, not soul football; they really shut up when they should and, most important, they eat cats, not feelings.

So, goodbye!


P.S. You have 2 days to give me back all my private feelings and don`t forget that I left on your desk that alive thing called heart, And, please,  put it in a box and don`t forget to rewrite `fragile` on it.


                                                                                                                                  Sincerely yours, Me